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Dermal Fillers in Oakland, California

Oakland Dermal Fillers at Refine Anti-Aging and Aesthetics

Beauty That’s Deeper than Your Skin

When it comes to anti-aging remedies, there are a lot of choices out there. Dermal fillers, Botox, microneedling, laser treatments, and more — oh my! It’s easy to get lost in the noise, but Dr. Reshma Vasanwala is here to help you figure out what’s right for you and discover your most natural and beautiful self. Refine Anti-Aging and Aesthetics is dedicated to restoring the art of you and we strive to deliver the best Dermal Fillers Oakland has to offer. Every treatment we offer is tailored specifically to your needs, goals, and lifestyle. We work with each client to address their areas of concern to create beautiful results to help restore their confidence and sense of well-being. We are excited to do the same for you!

What are Dermal Fillers?

What’s the Deal with Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are an injectable treatment that can help stop the appearance of aging in its tracks. Typically, dermal fillers utilize naturally-occurring substances (like hyaluronic acid and collagen) or biosynthetic compounds. By inserting these state-of-the-art, medical-grade ingredients beneath the skin, lines in the skin can disappear, volume can be restored, and the prominence of scars can even be reduced or eliminated.

We use the latest dermal fillers, including the Juvéderm and Restylane families of fillers. We have also added Sculptra, a new type of filler that give gradual results as it stimulates your own collagen production. We also use Biostimulators like Sculptra, which stimulate your body's natural production of collagen. Although Sculptra is new to the aesthetic world, it has been around for a long time and was initially FDA-approved for HIV patients who experienced Lipoatrophy.

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What are the Benefits of Dermal Fillers?

Restoring Your Ageless Beauty

There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to using Juvéderm and Sculptra dermal fillers. What is your complaint about your appearance?

  • Lines around your nose and mouth?
  • Sunken, deflated cheeks?
  • Thin lips?
  • Wrinkles around your mouth?
  • Bags beneath your eyes?
  • Deep nasolabial folds?

If it’s anything like these common issues, you’re in luck! There’s a dermal filler designed — and FDA approved — to treat each and every one of these problems.

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Am I a Good Candidate for Dermal Fillers?

Finding the Path That’s Right for You

These types of treatments are often beneficial to everyone. Dermal fillers are designed to help remedy conditions like:

  • Softening facial creases and lines
  • Reducing or eliminating recessed scars
  • Decreasing the shadows under the lower eyelids
  • Augmenting facial contours
  • Plumping thin lips

Ideal candidates have realistic expectations for their treatments and are committed to caring for their skin — which helps the results last. In some situations, dermal filler injections may be less-than-ideal or even dangerous, so Dr. Vasanwala will discuss these with you before any treatment begins.

Your Dermal Filler Procedure

What to Expect

Our Oakland dermal filler patients can expect their procedure to be simple and take less than an hour. Your treatment will be completely customized to your needs. Dr. Vasanwala performs all of the procedures at Refine Anti-Aging and Aesthetics, so you can rest knowing your beauty is in good hands.

Once you’re relaxed in one of our soothing treatment rooms, Dr. Vasanwala will begin your treatment. Your skin will be cleaned and prepared for the procedure. Typically, a series of injections will be made around the targeted zone. This helps ensure that the results are evenly distributed and as natural-looking as possible.

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Dermal Filler Recovery

Back to Your Life In No Time

Most of our Oakland dermal filler patients need very little recovery time. Some mild swelling is common and usually resolves in 1-2 days. Dermal filler injections usually allow the patient to resume normal activities within hours. You will want to take measures to protect your skin during the healing process. This includes making sure to avoid any unnecessary pressure or stress on the treated area and ensuring it is well protected from the sun. Avoiding strenuous activity — like exercise, intense work, and even sex — is usually recommended for the first 24 to 48 hours.

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Your Journey Begins Today

Are you ready to find your best, most beautiful self? Dr. Vasanwala and her highly-trained team at Refine Anti-Aging and Aesthetics are committed to helping you get there. They value you as a whole person and will educate and work with you to find the way to your best beauty life.

To request an appointment, all you have to do is click here. Your journey to feeling and looking your best begins today. We’re excited that you want to take the first step and will walk with you as you reclaim the art of you!

Dermal Filler Results

A Look That Lasts

The beauty of dermal fillers are that they deliver results immediately. Over the next few weeks to months, the filler looks even better because it has had time to integrate with the rest of your tissue and further hydrates your skin. Dermal filler results can last from 1-2 years. Maintaining the health of your skin will be critical for making sure your rejuvenated appearance lasts as long as possible.

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Combination Treatment for Total Rejuvenation

Restoring Your Ageless Beauty

Combination treatment with Botox and Fillers is the most holistic approach to looking like the best version of yourself. Often spot treating one area only highlights deficiencies in other areas. Dr. Vasanwala's goal is to help you look natural, rested, and restored. Her goal is to help you look like yourself, only better.

Dermal Fillers

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it hurt?

Dermal filler injections are relatively painless. Your skin may feel sore in the hours following your injections, but Juvéderm includes a numbing agent, so you should experience very little discomfort during the treatment process.

What are the risks?

The vast majority of patients do not see any complications from dermal filler injections. Make sure to inform Dr. Vasanwala if you’re allergic to lidocaine or have a history of severe allergic reactions. Other rare complications can include swelling, bruising, or redness around the injection sites. Dr. Vasanwala will discuss all of the possible side effects with you during your consultation.

How long do fillers last?

Depending on the treatment area and the product used, fillers last anywhere from 18-24 months.

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