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Sexual Rejuvenation in Oakland, California

Oakland Sexual Rejuvenation at Refine Anti-Aging and Aesthetics

Good Sex for a Good Life

A fulfilling sex life can be a big part of a fulfilling life overall. But sometimes it can feel like the climax is hard to find, or your body just isn’t as responsive as you want it to be. So what can you do to fully enjoy the pleasure once again? At Refine Anti-Aging and Aesthetics, Dr. Reshma Vasanwala can help you get your groove back with a sexual rejuvenation treatment featuring PRP. We know how important sexual wellness is (it’s very important to us too!), and our holistic approach to aesthetic care means we want you to not just look your best but feel your best too — in the streets AND the sheets.

What is Sexual Rejuvenation?

Restoring Your Pleasure

As our bodies age, it’s perfectly normal for them to change. This can be especially true after your body has changed in major ways over the years. Milestones like pregnancy, giving birth, significant weight loss, and the hormonal changes that come with age can have a significant impact on a person’s sexual wellness.

Arousal response, sensation, and ability to achieve orgasm can all be diminished when sensitivity fluctuates and the shape and structure of the labia and vagina are altered over time. In these situations, some people with vulvas turn to surgical methods to refine their appearance “down there” or enhance their experience. But these approaches can be expensive and painful, so they’re not for everyone. Instead, many people decide to take advantage of non-surgical means of sexual rejuvenation like the PRP injections provided at Refine Anti-Aging and Aesthetics.

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What are the benefits of Sexual Rejuvenation?

Bringing the Pleasure Back

Thanks to PRP injections, you can see improvements in a variety of areas in your “area.” They work by stimulating collagen production in the skin of the labia, clitoris, vagina, etc. This can help with:

  • Sensitivity
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Appearance of the outer and inner labia
  • Incontinence

When the skin of the vulva’s structures and inside the vagina is at its healthiest, your sexual wellness and pleasure can be its healthiest too.

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Your Sexual Rejuvenation Procedure

Bringing the Pleasure Back

Getting PRP injections for sexual wellness is a relatively simple process that can usually be done in less than an hour.

First, Dr. Vasanwala will draw a small amount of your blood to be processed to isolate the platelet-rich plasma inside. Once the serum is prepared, the doctor will inject it into the treatment zone, typically making a few injections around the area to make sure that the results are comprehensive and balanced.

Sexual Rejuvenation Recovery

Getting Back To It

Fortunately, you can expect your recovery to be quick and easy. Most of the time, it’s perfectly safe to return to your normal, daily activities immediately after your procedure. However, most patients should avoid sexual activity and intercourse for at least a week as their body heals. Some patients experience side effects in the treated area — things like swelling, redness, hypersensitivity, or numbness — but these are typically mild and go away after two or three days. If you experience more serious complications, make sure to call us right away.

Oakland sexual rejuvenation model with black hair

Sexual Rejuvenation Results

Fulfilling Results For You

Results from your sexual wellness PRP injections can take some time to be realized, so patience is encouraged. The PRP approach relies on your body and skin to heal themselves, and that can sometimes take a while. After your recovery is complete, you should notice improved function in the treated area. The duration of your results will vary thanks to several factors, but will typically last for several months at least.

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Sexual Rejuvenation

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it hurt?

Our sexual rejuvenation treatments with PRP injections are quick, easy, and virtually painless. In most cases, we use a mild anesthetic during application to keep the discomfort to a minimum.

What are the risks?

While PRP injections are considered very safe, there is a risk of adverse side effects. Redness and swelling are some of the more common complaints, but they are usually very mild and resolve on their own. Dr. Vasanwala will discuss all of the potential risks before your treatment begins.

Are there similar procedures besides PRP injections for sexual rejuvenation?

Yes, several other non-surgical treatments can help restore sexual function and wellness. Dermal fillers can be used to enhance pleasure and response, and some patients respond well to procedures that utilize laser or radiofrequency energy. Dr. Vasanwala will talk you through all your options during your consultation, but — if you’re curious about a particular treatment — be sure to ask!

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