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Healthy Beauty is Timeless

Welcome to Refine Anti-Aging Medicine and Aesthetics

Refine Medicine is not your typical med spa. It’s not your typical doctor’s office or franchised medical care. It is a concierge practice blending Anti-Aging Medicine, Functional Medicine, and Aesthetic medicine to deliver the most advanced treatments for hormone balance, symptoms related to aging, and all aspects of wellness to help you transform your life, thus striving to be the best Med Spa Oakland has to offer. We believe that Health and Beauty are two sides of the same coin. In order to look your best, you have to feel your best. Good sleep, exercise, and nutrition are important, but so is optimal hormone levels, enhanced sexual function, tailored supplements and skin rejuvenation. Our mission is to provide bespoke care to those who are seeking answers on how to age gracefully and feel their best inside and out.

Your Own Kind of Beautiful

Embrace Anti-Aging in Oakland at Refine Anti Aging

Let’s face it, aging is a natural process, but it does not have to be difficult. There have been many modern advances in anti-aging treatments and we no longer have to age the way our parents did. Refine Medicine is a haven for those seeking healing and reinvention. No matter your health goals, we create personalized hormone treatments based on symptoms, desires and lifestyle.

When it comes to beauty, it is all about allowing people to feel more confident in who they are. We have a restrained Aesthetic and believe “realistic” and ‘less done’ is the future of Aesthetic medicine. Our goal is to help our Oakland Med Spa patients look like a better version of themselves, more rested and radiant, while maintaining their facial identity. During your appointment with Dr. Vasanwala, you will get a compassionate ear and a chance to have your questions answered by someone with extensive qualifications, training. and experience. Experience personalized care designed to get results for you.

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Heal Thyself

Refine’s Founder Dr. Reshma Vasanwala’s health challenge Inspired her to turn to anti- aging therapies.

For 20 years Dr. Reshma Vasanwala dedicated her professional life to Internal medicine and Acute hospital care. When she started to have severe unexplained fatigue, it forced her to take time off. She began expanding her field of knowledge beyond “standard” medical care. After months of being dismissed and misdiagnosed, she learned about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and testosterone therapy at an Anti-Aging Medicine conference. Since being effectively treated with testosterone therapy and getting a correct diagnosis of autoimmune disease she noticed amazing positive changes in how she felt.

Inspired by experiencing these results and with newfound enthusiasm and energy, Dr. Vasanwala threw herself into learning everything she could about HRT and the science of Anti-Aging treatments. She completed a prestigious fellowship from A4M in Anti-Aging, Functional, and Regenerative medicine. She got certified in Hormone pellet therapy, IV Vitamin therapies, Ozone therapy, PRP treatments, and Peptide therapy. She also received advanced training in Aesthetic medicine and loves attending educational conferences to learn about new advances.

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Through dedication, refinement, and hard work, Dr. Vasanwala transformed herself into an expert in the Anti-Aging field. She understands the struggles patient’s face in trying to find answers and the limitations of standard medical care. Refine Medicine has those answers. With 20 years of clinical experience and board certifications in Internal Medicine and Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Reshma Vasanwala provides personalized and expert care in the Anti Aging and Aesthetics field. Through Refine Medicine, Dr. Vasanwala can give her patients the best anti-aging and wellness Oakland has to offer. Her goal is to improve your health and beauty inside and out.

Board Certified in Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine

Board Certified in Internal Medicine

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Restoring the Art of You

Featured Procedures

Botox BHRT Hormone Pellet Therapy Dermal Fillers RF Microneedling PRP
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Give Your Wrinkles a Rest

Oakland Botox and Dysport for wrinkle reductions

Botox and Dysport are incredible anti-aging tools called neuromodulators that can reduce wrinkles, erase fine lines, and let you enjoy a worried-free look. Neuromodulators work by relaxing the muscles beneath the skin that cause “dynamic wrinkles,” or wrinkles that happen when you move your face in the same pattern repeatedly. By forcing these muscles to relax, Dysport or Botox can give the wrinkles above them a chance to rest, flattening out the creases made from repeated folding of the skin. Learn more about the amazing benefits of Botox or Dysport with an appointment at Refine Anti Aging!

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Your Level Best

Oakland Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for men and women

As we age, our bodies slow down the production of key nutrients, hormones, and chemicals that keep us looking and feeling youthful. However, this change does not have to be permanent! Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy uses naturally-produced plant hormones that are virtually identical to the ones you’ve lost over the years. Not only that, but these hormones can be custom compounded to your unique needs, making BHRT one of the most effective and refined ways to combat the effects of aging. If you’ve been feeling sluggish, worn out, or like you’ve lost your edge, BHRT could be part of your solution.

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Treatment that keeps up with you

Hormone Pellet Therapy in Oakland

Modern science has made incredible advances in how we can reduce the effects of aging and in how we administer those treatments. One such advancement is hormone pellet therapy. Hormone pellet therapy gets rid of the mess of hormone creams or the inconsistency of hormone shots. With pellet therapy, the hormone pellets stay in your body, which slowly absorbs them over time as they are released. This provides a consistent release of hormones, improving mood stability and effectiveness of treatment. They even release more treatment in periods of intense exertion or physical activity — just like your natural hormone glands! Learn more with a consultation with Dr. Vasanwala about Oakland hormone pellet therapy treatments at Refine.

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Beautiful Dreams Fulfilled

Dermal fillers in Oakland

Dermal fillers are like your fairy godmother in a vial. Just make a wish (more volume in the lips or cheeks, reduced wrinkles, a more full and youthful appearance), and — *poof* — dermal fillers give you the results you want instantly! Only, unlike that clunky glass slipper, these results will last long past midnight. Depending on the amount of filler and location, dermal fillers like Juvéderm fillers for volume loss can last up to a year or longer from a single treatment. Own the ballroom with a dermal filler treatment from Refine Anti-Aging Medicine and Aesthetics!

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Let Your Body Do The Work

Oakland RF Microneedling

Your body is an incredible collaboration of billions of cells, doing all they can to keep the team moving and healthy. Over time, those cells change. They get older and stop producing many of the key building blocks of youthful skin, like collagen and elastin. RF microneedling re-energizes your skin at the cellular level, creating channels of rejuvenating collagen that spread throughout the treatment area. Radiofrequency energy further stimulates this effect, resulting in fewer wrinkles, tighter skin, and improved collagen production. Give your cells the playbook for a refined look with RF microneedling at Refine Anti-Aging Medicine and Aesthetics!

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The Power of PRP

Oakland PRP treatments

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a revolutionary treatment that harnesses the growth factors from the platelets in your blood to re-energize your body’s ability to create youthful-looking skin. It boosts production of collagen and elastin, reduces visible signs of aging, and creates a healthy glow. PRP treatments offer a potent non-surgical alternative to plastic surgery. Dr. Vasanwala is a PRP treatment expert who uses the serums in multiple treatments, from facial aesthetics and hair restoration to pain management and sexual wellness. Learn how PRP can revitalize your body with an appointment at Refine Anti-Aging Medicine and Aesthetics!

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The Impact of Refined Care

Refine Anti Aging Testimonials

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“Dr. Vasanwala was recommended to me by a good friend because I was wanting to explore options for addressing my aging skin. Dr. Vasanwala was kind, patient, and knowledgeable about her products and made recommendations that would appropriately meet my needs. She suggested a balanced introduction to injectables that resulted in a natural, refreshed look. The changes are so subtle that most people haven't noticed, but I notice every time I look in the mirror.”

“Dr. Reshma Vasanwala is absolutely AMAZING! She is very welcoming and kind, yet professional and knowledgeable. This woman has a true passion for helping people which is why I am a regular. Her office is exceptionally modern and clean, her prices are very fair and not over-inflated like many other places. After hormone therapy with her, I have felt myself to be more stable, youthful, happy, content and even 10lbs lighter than I was before. This woman changed my life. COME HERE!”

“Going to see Dr. Reshma is like having a visit with your best friend, except you leave looking and feeling more beautiful and rejuvenated. It's obvious that Dr. Reshma is very passionate about what she does. She will spend time answering any questions you may have and will explain how the procedure will work. She'll take her time making sure that the most optimal results are achieved and will follow up to make sure everything worked out as desired. She's extremely knowledgeable in the aesthetics field and I always trust her with her recommendations. I truly enjoy visiting Dr. Reshma!”

"I had 35 units of Botox done by Dr. Vasanwala on my forehead, frown lines, and crow's feet. About five days later, my forehead and crow’s feet were noticeably smoother, and I looked like I had a month of great sleep! I have done Botox several times before with other providers, after which my face would look frozen. But after my procedure with Dr. Vasanwala, I am still able to lift my eyebrows and forehead without forming wrinkles. I look natural, and not overdone."

"I have been on Testosterone replacement under Dr. Vasanwala's care for the last year. I turned 50 this year and am feeling better now than I have in a long time. I lost 15 pounds, have more energy and motivation to exercise, and my sleep has improved. I am really grateful to be feeling like myself again. I can't recommend Dr. Vasanwala highly enough!"

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What Is BHRT?

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and You

Bioidentical Hormone Replacent Therapy (BHRT) is a treatment method that lessens the effects of physical aging by using plant hormones that are exactly the same as the ones your body produces (hence the term bioidentical). Dr. Vasanwala is fellowship-trained expert in how custom-compounded bioidentical hormones can offset the changes in hormone levels due to aging. She’s even experienced these treatments in her own life and can testify to their incredible results!

If you have questions about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, Dr. Vasanwala has answers. Click the button below to learn more about this revolutionary approach to maximizing your ability to live a long and active life.

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Your Anti-Aging Guide

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Dr. Vasanwala’s core mission is to share the latest information on anti-aging and health with as many people as possible to improve lives. Follow Refine Anti Aging on social media to get access to specials, health tips, and exciting new discoveries in the rapidly-evolving science of anti-aging!

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