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Packages Refine Anti Aging Medicine & Aesthetics

Filler Packages

Refresh - 2 syringes $1500 (save $100)
Renew - 3 syringes $2200 (save $200)
Rejuvenate - 4 syringes $2700 (save $500)

PRP Packages

Men's Package

Combine any 2 or 3 PRP injections in one visit and save $$$
P-shot and Hair rejuvenation $2100 (save $300)
P-shot, Hair Restoration and PRP Facial $2800 (save $500)

Women's Package

O-shot + Hair Restoration $2000 (save $400)
O-shot + PRP Breast Lift $3000 (save $500)
O-shot + PRP Facial $ 2000 (save $400)

PRP Microneedling + PRP under eye injections $1350 (save $200)
PRP VIVACE (MN + RF) + PRP under eye injections $1650 (save $300)
PRP Hair Restoration 4 or more treatments $850/session ($50 off regular price of $900/session)

Microneedling Packages

Rejuvapen Microneedling

3 or more sessions $525/session (save $25/session)

Microneedling with PRP

3 or more sessions $850/session (save $50/session)

Vivace Package

3 or more sessions $800/session (save $50/session)

Vivace + PRP

3 or more session $1300/session (save $50/session)

At Refine Anti-Aging Medicine and Aesthetics we offer a Buy Now Pay Later financing option. Also financing options of 0% interest are available through PatientFi. Click here to see if you qualify.

*All packages need to be paid for in advance

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