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“I came to Dr. Vasanwala hoping to fix some facial asymmetry caused by 2 incidents of Bell's Palsy when I was younger. Dr. Vasanwala did such a good job!! She has such a good eye for spotting what can be made better in a super natural way. We evened out my eyebrows and smile with botox, and fixed my uneven nasolabial folds with a bit of filler on one side. We also added some volume to my chin (which I never would have thought of, but made SUCH a big difference) and a little to the lips on Dr. Vasanwala's suggestion, and I love the results. … One of my biggest insecurities is barely there anymore!” — Frances T., Oakland Facial Asymmetry patient

“I recently relocated to the Piedmont Area from Scottsdale, AZ. I'm so happy and thankful I found and connected with Dr. Vasanwala. … We started with Botox, as was my priority, after 20 years of quarterly Botox injections. ,,, We then did the Aqua Gold Botox Facial which instantly perked up my face! The other extra special bonus was being able to bring some of it home with an applicator to do a second version a week or two later! From there, we did cheek filler!! Wow! My 1st time ever and so Amazing! I am 57 years old & don't want to look like I'm 30 or 40 but I want to look healthy (and maybe like I did 10 years ago). My wish came true! … I highly recommend Dr. Vasanwala'a services and she has a lifetime client in me!!” — Kelly F., Piedmont Facial Aesthetics patient

“Absolutely love Refine Aesthetics! Dr Vasanwala is the founder/owner of this little gem in Oakland. I discovered Dr. Vasanwala while searching for a physician in the area of hormone therapy. … After an initial phone consultation I met with Dr Vasanwala for my first appointment where she reviewed my medical history, my current health and what my concerns were. …. Six months later and I feel really good! Part 2 of this review is regarding the aesthetic portion of what Dr. Vasanwala offers. While I wasn't planning on finding a doctor that offers cosmetic fillers in Oakland I have to admit I'm so happy I did! Dr. Vasanwala has you covered for this category of aesthetics as well! She is amazing!” — J A., Oakland Hormone Therapy and Aesthetics patient

“Dr. Vasanwala is professional. I went in for a consultation and some injectables. She is knowledgeable, honest and thorough about what I needed. She did not recommend anything extra to make a profit. She wants you to feel good about your treatments and wants your results to look great. She is an amazing Doctor and well worth putting your trust in her abilities. I am extremely happy with my results. Will absolutely return. Happy to have found an amazing doctor after years of searching. I highly recommend Dr. Vasanwala.” — Sarah T., Oakland Injectables patient

“Dr. Vasanwala does a thorough job in assessing metabolic and hormonal health. She looks for indicators to help fine tuning the body's functions for optimal health. I have been able to balance out my hormones at the age of 51 and post partial thyroidectomy due to thyroid cancer. I've lost 10 pounds and 2 dress sizes since balancing out my hormones. She also did a great job with giving me a youthful appearance with the aesthetics treatment. Loved the lip rejuvenation with Botox since I did not want any fillers.” — Ida S., Oakland Aesthetics patient

“Dr. Reshma Vasanwala has helped me to improve my situation, both physical and mental, by prescribing all the supplements that I need based on the lab reports. I highly recommend Dr. Vasanwala to anyone who is having trouble losing weight or getting their vitals on the right track.” — Abhinav K., Oakland Anti-Aging patient

“Recently moved to the area and was struggling to find a provider that I trusted as much as my doctor back east. Dr. Reshma is kind, calm and very knowledgable about which treatment was right for me. We started with Botox (forehead/crows feet area) - and not only was treatment painless, but I really enjoyed the office ambiance and the results were stunning! I felt comfortable enough to try dermal fillers with Dr. Reshma (something I have always been curious about but have been too nervous to actually try). I wanted my treatment to look as natural as possible, and Dr. Reshma artfully used just enough filler in my lips, under eye, cheek and chin areas to where I've achieved the look I wanted, without it looking like I had any work done at all! … Very happy that I've found a permanent provider out here in my new city!” — Lauren H., Oakland Anti-Aging patient

“10/10!! I absolutely love this place and Dr. Reshma. She recommended things I never considered before and the results are AMAZING, I am so happy with her recommendations. She is really nice and friendly and clearly an expert in her field, and is very honest about how the results would come out and I appreciated how concise and professional she is. She took the time to educate me on the processes and I would recommend her to anybody. I definitely trust my face in her hands and will be coming back.” — Kristie S., Oakland Facial Aesthetics patient

“Dr. Reshma has given my face and chest the Vivace microneedling twice now and I've been quite content with both experiences. I have a sensitive nervous system so my pain tolerance is low. … Taking into account my preference for least invasive and more natural interventions, she helped me create a plan to address the nasal labial unevenness and the tiny almost non visible wrinkles on my cheeks and the bigger wrinkles on my chest using 3 treatments of microneedling and eventually light filler for my big ole smile wrinkles. … Dr. Reshma is a warm, professional, person with a beautiful space to walk into (great aesthetic eye) and I recommend her for your youthful-looking needs. Also, you get to support a women-owned business. Now go get your self care on!” — Ruby W., Oakland Vivace Microneedling patient

“Dr. Vasanwala was recommended to me by a good friend because I was wanting to explore options for addressing my aging skin. Dr. Vasanwala was kind, patient, and knowledgeable about her products and made recommendations that would appropriately meet my needs. She suggested a balanced introduction to injectables that resulted in a natural, refreshed look. The changes are so subtle that most people haven't noticed, but I notice every time I look in the mirror.” — Heather L.

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