Vitamin SHOTS

My focus on health optimization includes optimizing physical and biochemical function through targeted Vitamin therapy, either as Vitamin shots or IV Vitamin drips.

I use vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and other natural compounds to promote health, boost energy, support healthy aging and immunity.

Due to aging or illness, the body is not always able to absorb its required dietary nutrients effectively.

Our formulations are tailored to your needs. Whether you need to recover from jet lag, support athletic performance, aid weight loss, boost your immunity or improve the condition of your skin and hair, we have a drip that is right for you!

See our Shot Bar Menu below.

Illustration of Vitamin Shots

Vitamin Shot Bar Menu

IV Vitamin drips and shots are formulated by Dr. Reshma Vasanwala, a board certified Internist specializing in Anti-Aging and Functional medicine.

Illustration of B 12 Shot | Increase energy, cell and nerve function

B12 Injection

B12 increases your energy and is an essential nutrient for healthy cellular and nerve function.

B12 Injection (2.5mg)
we use high quality methylcobalamin
  • Single $28
  • 5 Shot Package  $125  (save $15)
  • 10 shot package  $235 ( save $45)
Extra strength B12 (5mg)
  • Single $35
  • 5 shot package  $150 (save $25)
  • 10 shot package $ 290 (save $60)
Illustration of B Cocktails Shot | Energy, strength, immunity, beauty

B Cocktails

  • Single $40
  • 5 shot package $175 (save $25)
  • 10 shot package $ 350 (save $50)
  • Energy Boost:
    B12 and B5; improves energy level sand helps the body manage stress by optimizing immune function. Get this shot if you are always on the go, managing a hectic schedule, and feeling fatigued
  • Skinny shot:
    MIC and B12; boosts your metabolism, enhances fat metabolism, and supports weight loss. It also regulates blood sugar, controls sugar and carb cravings. Great if you are looking to lean out, lose a few pounds, or enhance results of exercise.
  • Strength and Sports performance:
    B12, B complex, Carnitine; Enhances exercise performance and aids in muscle repair. Choose this shot for a pre- work out boost and assistance with muscle recovery after exercise.
  • Beauty queen:
    B12, B5, Biotin; Revitalize your hair follicles, strengthen your nails, and improve your skin tone and clarity.
  • Immunity boost:
    B12, B complex, L-Lysine.  This combination is great for strengthening your immune system, fighting colds and cold sores, so you’re ready for what life throws at you.

* Personalize any B cocktail injection for $5 by adding MIC, Taurine, Biotin, B5, or extra strength B12

Illustration of Premium Shot | Skinny, hormone, athletics, sleep

Premium Cocktail injections

  • Single $50
  • 5 shot package $220 save ( $30)
  • 10 shot package $400 ( save $100)
  • Ultra Skinny shot:
    MIC, B12, carnitine. This shot will give your metabolism an extra boost with L carnitine, which is a powerful fat burner. Great to use weekly for a month to help with your weight loss efforts.
  • Hormone helper
    : B12, B6, B5; This shot is great for supporting your hormones, mood, and adrenal function. Helps manage symptoms of PMS/menopause, like cramping, hot flashes, and irritability. It also supports sleep wake cycles and stress response.
  • Ultimate Athlete:
    MIC, B12, Taurine. This shot is great for the ultra athlete to help boost energy, enhance your focus, and promote muscle recovery after a hard core workout.
  • Mood and Sleep:
    B12, B6, Taurine; B12 and B6 are imperative for neurotransmitter synthesis and mood. Taurine is great for anxiety and aids in restful sleep.
Illustration of Anti Aging Shot | Wellness, detox, stress, skin

Anti Aging Nutrient Injections

  • NAD+ for Optimal Wellness:
    Increasing your NAD+ levels is crucial for cellular health and efficiency. It is a groundbreaking nutrient that has shown to reverse cellular aging, Boost Metabolism, Repair your DNA, Sharpen your mind, improve memory, and combat fatigue. NAD+  25mg Injection $50
    NAD+  50mg Injection $75
  • NAD+ 50mg + Glutathione 100mg (2 injections):
    The two most powerful nutrients we have that optimize cellular Function, aging, detoxification, stress, and DNA Repair. $90
  • Glutathione for Skin and Detoxification:
    Glutathione is referred to as a master antioxidant. It clears the body of toxins, free radicals, and damaged cells with powerful  anti-inflammatory benefits, It also has skin benefits to boot,  and promotes an overall brighter complexion. $50
  • Gluta Push IV:
    Glutathione IV Push is the ultimate detoxification and skin brightener all in one!  It is the great medium between an injection  and an IV Drip and results can last longer than with injections. 1000mg for $95 (package of 5 $400)

All our nutrients are sourced from top compounding pharmacies that meet the strictest guidelines.