Testosterone Therapy for Men

Illustration of testosterone therapy for men

Just like women go through menopause, men go through andropause. Men experience a more gradual loss of hormones, mostly testosterone. Starting in their 30’s, testosterone in men begins to decline at a rate of around 1% each year, and by the time they reach their 40’s or 50’s, hormone production can drop further.

The signs of andropause include low sex drive, muscle loss, weight gain, sleep problems, irritability, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, memory loss, urinary problems and more.

Optimal Testosterone levels can help men restore vitality, endurance, sex drive, improved attitude, sleep quality, mood, concentration, and boost overall sense of well being. Other potential benefits include improvement in bone density, cardiovascular health, and increased lean muscle mass.

Our male hormone replacement treatment program includes comprehensive metabolic and hormone testing, that analyzes not only at hormones, but your overall cellular health. We will then discuss your lab results, symptoms, medical, family and personal history. If you are a candidate for treatment, I will start you on a hormone replacement program. I don’t just prescribe testosterone, but also balance DHEA, progesterone, thyroid, cortisol, and growth hormone. You will be monitored closely and I re-evaluate your hormone levels to keep them optimally balanced. I offer a range of hormone delivery systems, which include injections, and pellet therapy.

Low testosterone is something that affects 1 out of 4 men over 30.
But most men don't know it and most doctors don't test for it.

How it Works



In depth diagnostic testing and advanced hormone analysis to assess current symptoms and identify risk factors for future disease.



Dr. Vasanwala sits down with you to review your medical history and symptoms. We go over the results from your testing and design a plan tailored to YOU!


Follow up

After your first visit, Dr. Vasanwala will follow you closely, do routine blood work,  and adjust your plan, so that you achieve optimal benefits.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone:

Benefits of Testosterone Optimization:

Hormones we optimize for men:

  1. Testosterone
  2. DHEA
  3. Estrogen
  4. Groth Hormone
  5. Thyroid
  6. Cortisol